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I've been posting this all over my sites, and I NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD!
You can help by linking my entries! Anything, I want to see this project get going!

My husband, Runeprism and I are going to start working on a comic. Will have to be web-comic first. And I want your input as to what you want to see first! Wulfspyder is also support for some comics as well.

Here's the synopsis then just shout it right here! Votes for one or multiples, just say it right here and comment! I'll be posting a poll too. HERE: http://marirosa.deviantart.com/journal/poll/394545/

The ratings on these things are going to be PG-13 to Mature, and I'm sticking close to mature.
I'm hashing these down as best I could. Forgive any typos.

Kashaadri, Jetharius & RaiVeh (dragons)
Tommorrow's Embrace (title may change)

Fantasy/DnD type setting. Anthromorphic Dragons, humans, dwarfs, etc and the like.
My husband has all the details, but if you look at some of my concept work on my artspots account in sketches, it should give you some ideas. He'd have to fill in the details in here for me, but this we have the most content available for.

The Countess Rose

Renaissance, Pirates & Caribbean Steam Age & fantasy
A kingdom and a wicked twist of politics and pirates with a heroine "Blackrose", her companions, and the Rebellion to stop the evil Respanzo Mortavo and his gang of El Banditos too. Exciting adventures ensue. The world is much like pirates mixed with fantasy, a battle of justice, politics, curses, and magic. See the pictures in my gallery of Blackrose and RaiVeh to give you an idea what the character designs will be like.

Anya Holliday
Angel's Inferno

Sci Fi & Rural Urban Future; 50% scorching desert planet, 50% scattered greenland. Supernatural powers, low fantasy.
A family lost, a war in progress, and a team that sticks it through and discover a big secret that could destroy their home or revive it. Havok starts when the "silver dragon" and race of Chimarians make an unwelcome landing to Anya's homeworld.
This world would closely resemble a sci fi world like Dune, (if you know about that) A sandy planet, budge military technology where the general public lives in tribes, and the central government has its own higher end militaristic technology and views, whilist an ancient creature awakens to reclaim the planet that was originally theirs and the remaining survivors of that race come to the calling.

War of the Lotus
(may be revised title to War of the Black Lotus)

Dark Far Future; Urban; Horror. Japanese & dark futuristic street culture; An array of full or partial cybernetic people, psychics & very few "normal" beings. The average "vanilla" person is rare.
Maxine Lupez, an ex-assassin refugee of The Great Pavillion Inquisition struggles to chose between survival of herself and her destiny. Along with her mercenary group, and a mysterious oracle, Maxine may be the only one who can stop the forces of "Lanchester Pavillion", the oppressing and dominating force of a shattered nation.

Roxy (may only have a few pictures of her still in archives :/)
The Rock Star(title may change)

Modern post future; Satirical. The pop culture, stardom and media controls society.
A band's (The Roquettes) life as told by the greatest and most famous multi-entertainment & multi-athletic talented young woman in history, Roxy. All their mishaps, adventures, crazy events and what is to come. The struggle between fame and shame, and a glimpse at a destructive future, if people don't wake up and smell the burning coffee.


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