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Art Plz?

I posed this a while ago and got some interest and I really need to find out if anyone has done anything. My sister hasn't gotten anything and it's getting to be too late. Please let me or her know!


Here's a chance to get free advertising and do something really nice for our vets.

My sister is the secretary of the Iowa State University Student Veterans of America... And she would like to see if there are any artists out there what would like to donate.

What she is looking for is her school's mascot Cy the cardinal, in the same pose as the Uncle Sam poster. She wants it to look more cartoony than the original Sam poster, and less angry. Something a bit more friendly. And there can only be 4 colors in the art. White, Blue, Red, and Yellow. In her words.. Yellow beak, red hand, blue jacket, and white shirt. It would be printed out on shirts that would be given to club members and sold as part of the Red Shirt Friday campaign. (See more information in her request below)

Here is a really simple outline of how she'd like it... But you know, less scary.. xD

Here are some pictures of her mascot..

And here is the original Uncle Sam.

There is a time crunch for this project.. She needs the finished work by the end of November to allow enough time for the shirt printing company to have the shirts printed out before the end of this semester. Remember this is a donation, and you would really be helping out (and get some major advertising out there)! ^^

Here is my sister's official request. Please help out if you can! We would really appreciate it! (and yes I'm seeing what I can come up with as well, but I know my art isn't the best. D:)

This art is for the Iowa State University Student Veterans of America club. We are making these shirts and selling them to the community to raise awareness for veterans. This will be part of the Red Shirt Friday campaign and The shirts will also be a modest fundraiser, and the funds will be used to help soldiers (and sailors, marines, airmen) integrate back into school life after a deployment.

We can't pay the person, but we will certainly thank them on our website and include a link to their website, encouraging people to consider commissioning art from them. If the artist wants, they could also send us business cards which we would pass out to anyone who asks about the art.

We are hoping to have the shirts before the end of the semester because a lot of our club members want to give the shirts to their family members for Christmas. So, the sooner we have the design the better, no later than Nov 28th, but preferably earlier so we can have them to sell the week after Thanksgiving break. Maybe it could be a contest to do the best Uncle Sam Cy? We can show the runners up on our new website too, I'll add a special page for shirts this weekend. Oh, and how about a free shirt to the person whose design is chosen?! We'll pay shipping too of course. If they have any questions, they can email isusva[at]

Thanks so much!
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