Taffy the pink Triceratops (taffypinkdino) wrote in anthro_art,
Taffy the pink Triceratops

concept art help- photoshop

Hey Everyone-

I am in the process of working on several pieces of concept art. Including, art of a suit I hope to get built. :) A triceratops!! Because it is A) Different B) Really freaking cute C) I was really obsessed with the Land Before Time movies when I was a kid. :P

Ok...buuuuttt, I want the art colored digitally. I am having one heck of a time filling it in. Anyone have any tips on how to do a good job coloring line art in Photoshop and/or Aviary? (I have both) :P :P

Tips and tricks would be appreciated! I want to learn how to do this, and I just keep playing with it and getting frustrated. I basically want to color him then outline it. But when I do overlay layer in Aviary it makes the outlines look all bulky.

Here is the art!

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