einhund: Open for Commissions

I am opening for commissions, if you're interested, message me or email me at a_treacherous_path (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Deviantart Gallery

Traditional Media
You get the original via snail mail.

Sketch - $10.00
Lineart - $15.00
Coloured - $20.00
Complex background - Additional $10.00
Additional characters - Additional $5.00


Digital Media
Image is uploaded to DA (unless otherwise requested).

Flat colours - $17.00
Full colours and shading - $25.00
Complex background - Additional $10.00
Additional characters - Additional $5.00


50x50 icons (DA size) - $5.00
100x100 icons (LJ size) - $7.00 each, or 5 for $25.00


Con Badges
Either traditional or digital. Traditional ones will be mailed out, but I am unable to laminate them at this time. The high-res version of digital badges is emailed for printing.

Headshot - $10.00
Half body - $15.00
Full body - $20.00


Paypal is preferred.

Anywhere from $6-10.00, and 8x11 is around $6.00 to ship internationally.

Send me a note or comment if you're interested!
my suit

Go commission her NOW!

Well.. since I have a bit trouble to pay my new fursuit (by firestormsix  firestormsix) and I try to get it for my birthday, my good friend werewolfsense  werewolfsense, who is a WONDERFULL artist decided to help me.

She can do almost EVERYTHING

Here's a list of what she can do and the price:

Pencil: 5$

Lineart: 10$

Colored traditionnal: 20$

Colored digital: 20$

Badge : 8$

Bookmark: 10$

T-shirt + 15$ Xpress shipping (Your commish printed on a t-shirt (commish included in the price): 35$

Custom Plushies: Starts at 40$ +Shipping (Price depends on Size and Color and complexity)


Handpaws: 30$ +15$ Xpress Shipping +3.00$ for claws

Feetpaws: 60$ +Shipping +(need some shoes you send to me if I can't find your footsize here)

Ears on earband: 10$ +Shipping

Tail: 25-30$ +Shipping

Payment with Paypal ONLY!!

Thanks a LOT everyone.

Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

Icons and Badges for sale

Badges are $10 USD (plus shipping); icons $5 USD.

Example of an icon you can get:

Badges can be either digital (you'll receive a high-quality print, or if you want to save the shipping, I can email you the hi-res version), or your choice of traditional media. Either way, they're the same price. (for a badge sent to you, include $5 for shipping)

Example of a badge you can get:

email me at or note me on FA (zeddish) for PayPal info.

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Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

Markers for Art

If this is not allowed, let me know.

I don't often do this, but I need markers dearly. Many of mine are going kaput, and in order to keep doing arts, I figured I'd try something out, here.

I'm offering commissions of your character at no monetary cost. Instead, I'm offering to draw your character for Prismacolor markers. Any and all colours (though, I do seem to eat through the grey ones rather quickly).

This is going to be completely on a barter system, so what you get depends on what you're able to offer. Note me here or on FA (zeddish) if you're interested!

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fuzzy bunnies and cupcakes

concept art help- photoshop

Hey Everyone-

I am in the process of working on several pieces of concept art. Including, art of a suit I hope to get built. :) A triceratops!! Because it is A) Different B) Really freaking cute C) I was really obsessed with the Land Before Time movies when I was a kid. :P

Ok...buuuuttt, I want the art colored digitally. I am having one heck of a time filling it in. Anyone have any tips on how to do a good job coloring line art in Photoshop and/or Aviary? (I have both) :P :P

Tips and tricks would be appreciated! I want to learn how to do this, and I just keep playing with it and getting frustrated. I basically want to color him then outline it. But when I do overlay layer in Aviary it makes the outlines look all bulky.

Here is the art!

Triceratops behind cut!Collapse )

Raffle Clarification and who is Tmara?

Tiggress brought up a good point about how the raffle works.

Just to clarify, the raffle is NOT for a commission slot where the winner has to pay for the commission once they win and they just win the slot. No, no, no. :) The raffle is for a *free* commission. You just buy the tickets! :D

Thanks so much to Tiggress to pointing that out. ^__^

Also, I am posting this next bit to each group on LJ I posted the original raffle post. So... who the heck is Tmara Heininger? :) Anyone in this group Tmara Heininger? D: Did you sent me money for Christmas or is this for the raffle... cause ya don't say in the PayPal description. XD

Again, raffle information.

I thought for the final closing of my gallery until 2010 (minus any random emergencies... always gotta play it safe), I thought I'd hold a raffle for my final shabang.

Now until January 1st, you can buy tickets for $2 a ticket. The winner will receive a one-character airbrushed-style digital commission with minimal background by me. :) The commission will be started late spring/early summer.


I will not draw porn, however, I will draw tasteful adult nudity. On January 2nd, I will write down all the names of everyone on scraps of paper and put it in a hat. I'll then close my eyes and select a winner and make an announcement that day who won. :D

You can buy as many tickets as you like.

1. You must pay for tickets via PayPal to Don't have PayPal? Give a friend $2 and have them purchase the ticket in your name.
2. You MUST include your furry name in the subject line on your PayPal payment and your email address in the section where you can leave me a note when you send a payment. How will I know who the winner is if you don't? D:
3. No bitching that you lost $2 if you don't win. If you're going to be a sore loser, don't play.

Alrighty! :D I can't wait to see who the winner is! ^__^

Happy New Year!