A. M. Deering (spiritcreations) wrote in anthro_art,
A. M. Deering

Raffle Clarification and who is Tmara?

Tiggress brought up a good point about how the raffle works.

Just to clarify, the raffle is NOT for a commission slot where the winner has to pay for the commission once they win and they just win the slot. No, no, no. :) The raffle is for a *free* commission. You just buy the tickets! :D

Thanks so much to Tiggress to pointing that out. ^__^

Also, I am posting this next bit to each group on LJ I posted the original raffle post. So... who the heck is Tmara Heininger? :) Anyone in this group Tmara Heininger? D: Did you sent me money for Christmas or is this for the raffle... cause ya don't say in the PayPal description. XD

Again, raffle information.

I thought for the final closing of my gallery until 2010 (minus any random emergencies... always gotta play it safe), I thought I'd hold a raffle for my final shabang.

Now until January 1st, you can buy tickets for $2 a ticket. The winner will receive a one-character airbrushed-style digital commission with minimal background by me. :) The commission will be started late spring/early summer.


I will not draw porn, however, I will draw tasteful adult nudity. On January 2nd, I will write down all the names of everyone on scraps of paper and put it in a hat. I'll then close my eyes and select a winner and make an announcement that day who won. :D

You can buy as many tickets as you like.

1. You must pay for tickets via PayPal to kronikfox@aol.com. Don't have PayPal? Give a friend $2 and have them purchase the ticket in your name.
2. You MUST include your furry name in the subject line on your PayPal payment and your email address in the section where you can leave me a note when you send a payment. How will I know who the winner is if you don't? D:
3. No bitching that you lost $2 if you don't win. If you're going to be a sore loser, don't play.

Alrighty! :D I can't wait to see who the winner is! ^__^

Happy New Year!
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